What month is best to sell a house?

Published: 14/09/2022 By Alex Parish

What month is best to sell a house?

Traditionally spring is the best time to sell your house. However, there are always a number of factors that come into play which can lead to different outcomes, such as the role of supply and demand.

A busy housing market can lead to more properties coming onto the market giving buyers more choice of available properties which can affect offer levels. Ultimately when there is higher competition between buyers and lower levels of properties available, will enable a seller achieving a strong price within quicker timeframes, leading to a better time to sell.

Having been Estate Agents in Diss for some 28 years we have seen the good and the bad markets, locally there is always dip in market activity during August as the holiday season sets in. Normally the market corrects itself some 2 or so weeks after the schools have returned.

Over the last 2 years there has been a buying frenzy, initially produced in the freeze of stamp duty payments and the desirer for buyers to reassess their housing needs after multiple lockdowns. This created high competition, with more buyers than properties available forcing intense competition and leading to a sellers’ market. We are now starting to see a market stabilising where there is a better balance of supply and demand.

Is now the best time to sell?

Autumn is synonymous with new beginnings – whether that’s the start of a new school year, students leaving the nest for college or university, or simply the trees shedding their leaves, preparing for winter.

Perhaps that’s why autumn is a popular time of year to sell houses. If you’re looking to maximise the chance of selling your home during this traditionally busy time for the market, here are a few tips.

Kerb appeal - 

Stepping through the front door every day, we almost forget what our homes look like from the outside, but first impressions count. Imagine you’re seeing your own front door for the first time – is it easily accessible or is the path overgrown? Perhaps the door could benefit from a lick of paint. A couple of tubs of flowers or plants can really boost kerb appeal (and you can take them with you when you move!). Autumn, of course, means falling leaves. If they land in your front garden, make sure you sweep up before viewings.

If your home is accessed by communal gardens or a shared hallway, it’s not always as easy to keep these areas tidy, but there will be little bits you can do – and there may be neighbours who are interested in helping, too.

Light matters -

Late-autumn sunshine is particularly beautiful, so maximise the way the light comes through your home. Clean the windows and make sure your blinds are dusted. If viewings will be at night, make sure any outside lights are working properly. Evening viewings are also a chance for you to showcase how cosy your home can be.

Clearing the space -

Be honest with yourself: is it time for a declutter? That doesn’t mean throwing away half your stuff (unless you want to, of course!), but perhaps rooms would look bigger with smaller furniture or fewer bits and pieces. Putting things in storage is great, if you can – or maybe someone you know has a garage where you could leave things while you sell your home.

But decluttering doesn’t mean taking away character – creating a homely, welcoming environment will help potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space. While ‘grey everything’ may recently have been fashionable, it can come across as a bit sterile.

A fresh coat of neutral paint might help, too – especially if you have a room that’s been painted in a bold colour. However, bear in mind that many buyers will intend to redecorate anyway.

A breath of fresh air - 

It’s a good idea to open a couple of windows for ventilation and fresh air, and the traditional advice was to do this for a couple of hours and then put the heating on. However, with utility bills as they are currently, it might be worth investigating other ways to make rooms smell fresh without letting in the cold, such as flowers or diffusers.

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