When you lose someone

Published: 05/05/2023 By Lene Christensen-Martin

It’s a sad reality that people don’t live forever however hard you try to protect them and keep them safe.  Perhaps this has been especially poignant over the last few years where horrific statistics have been made so public on a daily basis – it’s been hard to avoid being touched in some way and heartbreaking for all who have lost loved ones whatever the cause.
Having very recently lost my own mum, I have been experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions along with the pressure and stress of having to manage the formalities of winding up someone’s life.  It is a brutal and cold realisation that the legalities appear to take precedence over grieving, processing and coming to terms with the empty space that person has left behind.  How can Probate, HMRC and so on be more important than reflecting and remembering the richness of a life well lived?
Whilst I have no intention of entering into a long discussion (read rant!) about the finer points of Probate, I am very grateful to be working at Whittley Parish.   Firstly, the kindness, empathy and support I have received from all members of our team has been amazing and secondly, returning to the legal requirements, that I have been able to easily obtain a Probate Valuation for my mother’s property.
No matter how small a thing that may seem, every item ticked off the list is a relief and a step forward.   The easier and more straightforward it is to achieve that, the better.  It is reassuring to know and trust in my colleagues’ expertise and experience.
Perhaps it is actually no small thing to have complete trust in the advice of others and whilst it is the case that Probate Valuations can of course, be procured elsewhere, I wholeheartedly believe that the thoughtfulness, care, integrity and empathic understanding of everyone at Whittley Parish is extended towards everyone with whom we come into contact, whatever their story - and not just confined to our close-knit team.